Vision Solapur

Subhash(Bapu) Deshmukh has devoted his works for the progress of Solapur district. To take Solapur on an international level, many schemes and activities are being planned. Bapu is working with a clear vision for the complete development of Solapur. The major aspects of the vision are discussed here...

Road and Transport Safety

Roads and transportation are important factors in development. To improve roads in the district, to build better roads to connect villages, to create reasonable and government transport facility to bridge the urban and rural areas for the development of Solapur district. To build quality roads to save travelling time.

Green Solapur

To plant more trees. To stop cutting trees. Expand the protected forest area. To plant rare, medicinal, environment-friendly trees. Protect and conserve wildlife. To create business opportunities related to forest conservation, jungle safari, tourism development.


To avail the citizens with medical facilities. To build technologically advanced hospitals having advanced systems. To appoint health experts and medical experts and doctors. To provide first aid facilities. To provide medicines.

Civic Security, Judiciary System

To provide the security system for rural and urban areas. To cover all areas under CCTV surveillance. To update all the police stations with advanced systems. To build fully equipped police stations and police headquarters. To create a system to receive complaints and advice. To fix these complaints as soon as possible. To create secure and reliable jurisdiction.

Solapur Tourism Development

To develop the comprehensive program for tourism development in Solapur district. To develop and restore religious places. To protect, develop and conserve the historical places. To develop the agriculture sector and to promote agri-tourism. To develop science and educational tourism by advancing science centres.

Solapur: The District for Everyone

To ensure that Solapur district shall always be people-oriented. To make sure that Solapur district shall unite people for developments. To make people availed with its benefits. To build a Solapur district where people will make efforts for their people avoiding caste, religion and gender discrimination. To avail everyone with equal benefits of facilities provided, regardless of their financial condition.

Women Empowerment and Safety

To welcome girl child in this world and to prevent female feticide. To avail every woman in Solapur district with educational facilities. To introduce new employment opportunities in the form of jobs and businesses to make women independent. To create equal opportunities for women. To deliver effective women safety plans by prioritizing women safety. To design a syllabus in order to eliminate gender discrimination. To give training of self-defence. To provide poor women, widows and homeless women with the discounted rates loans for their businesses. To eliminate child labour system.

Development of Youth and Sports

Youth is the backbone of our society. To make the young generation academically, financially and culturally competent is to create the future of society. To make the best of the efforts for the development of the young generation. To create new opportunities in the cultural and sports fields. To build cultural centres, sports centres and training centres.

Educational Facilities and Skills Development

To create opportunities of primary, secondary and higher education for rural and urban area students. To provide free education to economically weaker sections. To establish colleges offering the best and variety of syllabus. To provide employment-oriented education. To provide training for employment generation through skills development.

IT Hub and Employment Generation

To revive textile industries in Solapur district. To introduce different industries. To develop the IT industry in Solapur district and develop Solapur as IT Hub. To generate employment through IT and other industries. To create job and business opportunities for youth and women.

Uniform/Garment Hub

Solapur is famous worldwide for its textile industry. To revive these industries. To start cotton processing businesses. To increase the production of uniforms, readymade garments, and famous and authentic clothing such as chadars, towels, sarees, blankets. To establish Solapur district as Uniform Garment Hub.

Soil to Silk

To make efforts for the production of silk, wool and non-conventional fibres along with conventional yarn production. To encourage farmers to produce cotton and silk. To encourage and train for other agro-businesses. To maintain the quality of soil in order to improve the quality of agro products. To provide organic fertilizers and quality seeds. To provide information about silk farming and to establish silk cocoon purchase centres in order to encourage more farmers to start the production of silk.

Strengthening Agriculture and Agro-industries

Agriculture is the means of living for the people of India and especially of Maharashtra. To use improved and advanced technology, to train them for these advancements. To provide seeds, fertilizers and resources. To provide facilities for agricultural products sell. To promote agriculture as well as agro-industries. To enhance these industries. To avail the marketplace for agricultural products.

Irrigation Development

Though Maharashtra has a big irrigation system, available water supply is decreasing and the need for water is increasing. Using water in a proper manner can solve this problem. To make Solapur district drought-free by using advanced methods of irrigation. To assimilate rainwater underground, to provide advanced training of water use for agriculture. To train and educate the next generation through schools, colleges and educational institutes about water use and Green Solapur. To initiate Green Solapur project with anticipating public participation.

Urban and Rural Equality

To make efforts to reduce the differences between the facilities available in urban and rural areas. To conserve the natural resources in rural areas. To avail the rural areas with employment opportunities. To avail the rural areas with advanced educational facilities. To avail schools, colleges, social organizations and business in rural areas with guidance and help for digitalization.

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