Cultural contribution

Indian culture is rich with 18 Vedas, 16 Vidyas and 64 Kalas (art forms). Bapu has always tried to promote this legacy for the young generation, with which they can develop their creativity, sports and cultural interests.

The inventions of various art forms make the culture of a society rich. Sports offer the opportunity to show the sporting spirit and to test oneself. Arts help develop the personality skills which further help in the progress of the nation. For these purposes, Lokmangal Kala, Krida, Sanskrutik and Yuvak Mandal, under the guidance of Bapu, has started various cultural and sports activities.

This Mandal is established on the sole purpose of cultivating the personalities of the young generation. Bapu's passion for education led him to conduct educational activities. Under the guidance of Bapu, the Mandal organizes various cultural programs to encourage them.


Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli

In Hutatma Smruti Mandir, the Charitra Sohala (biography reading) of Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli was arranged. In this celebration, the whole biography of Saint Dnyaneshwar was elaborated. The elaboration is called Nirupan. The Nirupan was told by Mr. Atmaram Shinde (MBA) which won the hearts of listeners.


Vaara Gaai Gaane

As per Hindu calendar, Hindu New Year starts on Chaitra Shuddha Padwa alias Gudhi Padwa. This is a very auspicious Muhurat, said to be one of the three and a half muhurats. On this holy occasion, Lokmangal Pratishthan organized the musical concert, 'Vaara Gaai Gaane'. The singers of 'Naman Natwara' performed the melodious songs. Bapu welcomed New Year by raising the Gudhi.


District Level Youth Festival

District Level Youth Festival was organized in association with Lokmangal Pratishthan and Jilha Krida Adhikari Karyalay to encourage the youth of the district to provide them with the exposure and a good platform for their artistic skills. In this festival, competitions such as oratory skills, folk dance, folk songs, Bharatnatyam, and classical singing and instrument playing were held. The winners were honoured with trophies.


Ambedkar Vyakhyanmala

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the speeches were arranged. Adv. Prakash Ambedkar, Adv. Vijay Khare, Adv. Pannalal Surana, Prof. Tanaji Thombare and other respected personalities expressed their thoughts on the Lokmangal Pratishthan platform.


Lokmangal Sahitya Puraskar

Awards hold some special significance in everyone's life. An award is an appreciation for one's talents. It's a symbol that represents how one is respected in society. Lokmangal Library organizes Sahitya Puraskar for the ones who have done a great job in their work fields. Writers and poets, through their literature, spread diverse thoughts and information everywhere. These awards are to honour their work.

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