The present MLA of South Solapur Vidhan Sabha Constituency Hon. Mr. Subhash Sureshchandra Deshmukh alias Bapu is a senior and influential member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He has earned the trust and support of activists and people because of his soft spoken and connecting-with-everyone nature, art of communication and organization, and good decision making capacity.

Political contribution as Minister of Co-operation, Marketing and Textiles

The cooperatives sector must be developed further to strengthen Maharashtra. Co-operative organizations are comprehensive and built up with people's direct participation. The ownership rights of limited companies are centralized whereas the co-operative organizations are supported by many and hence the rate of development and progress is high. When people come together, new thoughts and ideas are put forward and it is possible to choose from the various options. Everyone has some qualities. Organizations gain benefits from these different qualities when they have the foundation of cooperation. It is beneficial in many ways such as monetary, intellectual and labour. Families and every member of them are the key players in generating such benefits. Everyone feels connected to this business. Especially to develop rural areas, it is necessary to increase the co-operative sectors. Subhash(Bapu) Deshmukh started strengthening co-operative sectors after taking charge of the Co-Operation Department.

There are huge employment opportunities available in the textile industry in Maharashtra after the field of agriculture. Subhash(Bapu) Deshmukh tried to avail the youth with these opportunities through different schemes and activities. Maharashtra has a large quantity of cotton production. But only few of it gets processed here. The Textiles Department aims to process all the cotton produced in the State itself. From producing cotton to making readymade garments, many industries can be developed here. He intended to back them up with the government schemes as Make in India and Start Up India, and avail the young people and women with employment opportunities. The Marketing Department deals with sales and marketing.

Subhash(Bapu) worked to strengthen the economy with the sales and marketing of agricultural and agro-industrial products. The Department managed the sales of agricultural products and offering right price to these products with the help of the Agriculture Produce Market Committee and Marketing Federation. The primary agenda was to remove the errors in the system and smoothly maintain it. Agriculture and farmers are key elements of our economy. Their prosperity means opulent economy. Efforts were made to make the youth to apt for agricultural fields and bring the glorious days back.

Guardian Minister, Sangli District

After taking charge as Guardian Minister of Sangli District, Subhashbapu started the efforts to develop Sangli district. From the very start, he took the firm decisions and took care that the state and central government's people welfare schemes will reach to every person of the society, no negligence will be entertained. He worked on bringing the common man in the stream of development and developing Sangli district in the aspects of agricultural, industrial, educational, cultural, social and sports. While working as Guardian Minister of Sangli district, he worked for the progress of the district with the proper utilization of funds, appropriate spending of unspent funds, debt waiving of around Rs. 168 crores, works under Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyan and prevention measures for drought. He was committed towards his responsibilities as Guardian Minister of Sangli District.

Beginning of Political Career

Mr. Subhash Deshmukh alias Bapu made a name for himself with his social contributions along with the sixteen years of experience as a Contractor. He didn't have any political background till then neither he was a member of Sthanik Swarajya Sanstha or any other political party. As the election of Solapur Sthanik Swarajya Sangh was announced in January 1998, Bharatiya Janata Party confirmed the name of Subhash Bapu as a strong and popular leader. With the help of the vision for social issues and understanding of the problems of poor, Bapu gained great support from people. With the enormous number of votes, he won the election and his political journey started as MLA.

Political Journey

Bharatiya Janata Party always has trusted Bapu's leadership qualities. He has contested elections in five different elections and got memberships of three councils i.e. the Legislative Council, the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assembly.

In January 1998, Bapu first time won the election of the Legislative Council and became MLA. He won the Lok Sabha election in 2004 and became the Member of Parliament. He always got the enormous number of votes in various elections. On July 7, 2016, he vowed as a Cabinet Minister and took the charge of the Department of Co-Operation, Marketing and Textiles. He won the Maharashtra Assembly Elections in 2019 and once again became MLA.

Department of Co-Operation, Marketing and Textiles is related to rural finance, agricultural marketing, industrial cooperation, market regulatory and loans. The Department plays an important role in the field of agriculture-industrial economics and particularly in the field of rural credit. During his social and political career, Bapu has always given priority to people welfare. Bapu focused on the administration and monitoring of the cooperative sector, agricultural product marketing and textile sector in the state. He took decisions regarding people and farmers' welfare right after taking charge as Cabinet Minister. These consisted of the orders to secure the farmers' right to vote for the Agricultural Income Market Committee in order to eliminate the Directors' ownership. Bapu is working to strengthen this sector, improve the lifestyle of the Co-operatives Sector members and make progress of Maharashtra State.

January 1998

Won the Solapur Sthanik Swarajya Sanstha election and became MLA

In January 1998, Bapu won the Solapur Sthanik Swarajya Sanstha election and became MLA defeating senior Congress Leader Yunusbhai Shaikh.


BJP District President

Took a charge as BJP Solapur District President in 2000.

Tarun Bharat President, Solapur

Took a charge as President of Tarun Bharat in 2000.


Maharashtra Sahakar Aghadi: State President, Maharashtra State

Took a charge as State President of Maharashtra Sahakar Aghadi in 2004.

Won Lok Sabha membership from Lok Sabha Constituency

In 2004, won Lok Sabha membership from Lok Sabha Constituency against Mrs. Ujjwalatai Shinde, missus of Mr. Sushilkumar Shinde who was then the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and former Union Home Minister of India.


Madha Lok Sabha Election

In 2009, got a large number of votes in Madha Lok Sabha Election against former Union Minister of Agriculture Mr. Sharadchandra Pawar. This shows how much public support Bapu.

Osmanabad-Tuljapur Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Election

In the election of Osmanabad-Tuljapur Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha), in 2009, got a large number of votes against senior Congress leader, former Dairy Development Mr. Madhukarrao Chavan.


BJP State Vice President, Maharashtra State

In 2014, was given the responsibility of the State Vice President for Maharashtra State.

Won Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Election

In 2014, defeated Congress MLA Mr. Dilip Mane and won as an MLA.


Cabinet Minister of Maharashtra State for Co-Operation, Marketing and Textiles Department

Took a charge as Cabinet Minister of Maharashtra for Co-Operation, Marketing and Textiles Department on July 7, 2016.


Maharashtra State Cabinet Expansion

On 8th June, was allotted Relief and Rehabilitation Cabinet Ministry along with his current Co-Operation Ministry.

Won Assembly Elections

In October 2019, won Maharashtra Assembly Elections against Baba Mistry, Congress-NCP candidate, by a huge vote difference and became MLA.

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