Water Conservation

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The key requirement for human life is water. Water scarcity has become a serious issue. On the one hand, we are walking towards a progress path whereas, on the other hand, the water issue is mounting day by day. If not found the solution in the current scenario, the issue is going to take critical form in the near future. Initiating the people participation, Bapu conducted many works under 'Paani Jirva Yojana'. Due to the silt stored in the water resources like streams, ponds, bunds, the water storage capacity reduces.

To increase the water storage capacity, streams, ponds, bunds were widened, deepened and straightened in the villages like Hotgi, Vinchur, Nimbargi of Solapur and Osmanabad districts. Thousands of tons of sludge have been removed in this work, and this has helped in reducing the water scarcity in the surrounding areas, increasing the storage capacity of water resources.

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