Hon. Mr. Subhash(Bapu) Sureshchandra Deshmukh
Present MLA, South Solapur Vidhan Sabha Constituency

The present MLA of South Solapur Vidhan Sabha Constituency Hon. Mr. Subhash Sureshchandra Deshmukh alias Bapu has created his special identity in the eyes of public. With his excellent organizational and communication skills and selfless behaviour, Bapu, considering everyone's opinion, always takes the initiative to bring back the glory of Solapur District.

Born on 12th March 1957, Bapu is from the family who believes in discipline, education, social commitment and religious accountability. Being primary school teachers, his parents were known for their disciplined personalities. While handling farming, they served for education. Striving for social work, Bapu’s father continued his work even after retirement and started Gurukul in Yedashi. Having Wari tradition at home, Bapu was raised in the devotional atmosphere.

Bapu was raised with values such as hard work, discipline, patriotism and social work. He worked mostly in Solapur and Wadala. Right from the boom to deterioration, he witnessed and experienced the journey of textile mills in Solapur district. He promised himself to change this situation and return Solapur's grandeur by its development. Solapur has skilled labour, textile industries and rich heritage which Bapu wants to take on to the state and national level.

Organizational skills and communication skills are Bapu's notable qualities. Knowing that unity is the ultimate success, he connected the ones who wanted to work for the progress of Solapur. "Communication is very important in human life. There is no better medium than communication to convey your thoughts and feelings to others. When you communicate, many questions are answered, problems are solved." says Bapu. He expresses his thoughts through the 'Samvaad' articles published in Lokmangal magazine.

His thoughts on addiction free youth, healthy body for social welfare, utilization of money for good deeds, trouble-free problem solving, patriotism, collective efforts against corruption etc. are inspiring for today's youth.

Bapu has started various financial and industrial institutions such as banks, credit societies, multistate cooperative societies and sugar factories to provide financial support to his social work. Along with these, he helped to establish Bachat Gat for women empowerment, easy loan availability for farmers and Self Employment Training Centres. The entire profit received through these institutions and schemes is still used only for social work. His popularity is gaining new heights due to his soft-spoken and connecting-with-everyone nature, the art of communication and good judgement of people.

BJP: Overview

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Vision Solapur

Subhash(Bapu) Deshmukh has devoted his works for the progress of Solapur district. To take Solapur on an international level, many schemes and activities are being planned. Bapu is working with a clear vision for the complete development of Solapur. The major aspects of the vision are discussed here...

Vision Solapur


  • Social Work Award 2010 by Rotary Club, Solapur
  • Bhim Udyog Gaurav Award 2010
  • Business Express Shree Award 2011 by Shree Foundation, Sangli
  • Blood Donation Award 2012 by Dr. Hedgewar Blood Bank, Solapur
  • Marathwada Samaj Bhushan Award 2013 by Marathwada Samanvay Samiti, Pune
  • Rajarshee Samaj Bhushan Award 2013 by Madhyavarti Jijau Jayanti Utsav Samiti, Osmanabad
  • Gramin Udyojakata Puraskar 2013 by Jaihind Pariwar, Pune
  • Manav Bhushan Award 2013 by Shri Siddheshwar Sarva Seva Sangh, Solapur
  • Yashwantrao/Savitribai Phule Krutadnyata Gaurav Award 2014 by Mauli Dnyan Prabodhini Trust, Malkapur, Karad

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